Must Watch: Brother Snuck Into His Big Sister’s Room Every Night, What This Hidden Camera Revealed Surprised Their Parents.

# 1.
Kids can be so mischievous. Sometimes their level of cleverness will shock you.

# 2.
One minute they are sleeping soundly in bed, the next minute they are sneaking through the house causing all kinds of mischief.

# 3.
An 8-year-old girl kept complaining that her brother was taking her toys in the night.

The parents told her to just make sure her door was shut, and locked. The toys still went missing. The parents were skeptical. How could her brother possibly get in and take her toys when the door is completely locked shut? They set up a hidden camera and what they uncovered is one very clever young boy! It’s good they caught this at an early age, because this kid was on his way to a career as a cat burglar! He’s really that good! Check out this hilarious video and see what the parents caught on camera.