Must Watch: Easy 2 Minute Exercise To Lose Bra Bulge At Home


1 arm push
Face the wall, with your feet wide and place your palm on the wall. Now without bending your elbow, push your body towards the wall and then push it backwards away from it.

Repeat the exercise with 3 sets and 15 repetitions.

To increase the difficulty you can bend your elbows a little.

Diamond wall press
Place both your palms on the wall with fingers touching.

Move your feet three feet away from the wall, then bending your elbows, press your body forward towards the wall and the push it backwards away from it.

To increase the difficulty, you can move your feet further away from the wall to bring more weight on your shoulders.

Push ups
These are like regular pushups but with your knees bent and crossed.

Place your palms on the floor and bring your body as low as possible and the push it up away from the floor.