Must Watch: Floyd Mayweather’s Happy Ronda Rousey HOSPITALIZED After KO — “Thats What She Gets For Talking Sh*t”

During the post fight interviews, it was said that, Ronda had been rushed to the hospital for precautionary purposes. It was also said she may have suffered a broken jaw, her lip needs to be stitched and Floyd Mayweather thinks she suffering from something else… A BRUISED EGO.

Money Mayweather has maintained a rather strained public relationship with Ronda Rousey as both fighters have taken plenty of below the belt jabs back and forth with each other in interviews over the past couple of years. Ronda took jabs at Floyd a few times calling him a ‘woman beater’ and that she would kick his a** in the ring. Floyd shot back that ‘she looks like a dude, doesn’t fight talented opponents and doesn’t belong on the cover of Ring Boxing Magazine.’ Floyd then went on to say, “Call me when you make $300 million in 36 minutes like I do.” Check out footage in the video above and find out what Floyd had to say after Ronda got KO’d.

After watching Ronda get KO’d in the second round it has been reported that Mayweather said, “That’s what she gets for not touching gloves before the fight.” Mayweather was also reported saying, “That’s what she gets for talking sh*t.” Just goes to show that we all are human and we should stay humble because at anytime (unless your Floyd Mayweather hugging and running from opponent’s around the ring) a KO can only be a punch (or kick) away…