See Here: Enrage Wife Caught Husband Having An Affair With Her Own Best Friend, Beats Both Of Them!

Being cheated on is painful as hell, but what’s even heartbreaking is when you’re being cheated on with none other but your best friend. Best friends should be the one whom you can trust wholeheartedly, they should be the one who’s by your side trough thick and thin and will support you no matter what. But in this story it is the best friend who ruined a relationship of a husband and wife.

One Chinese woman learned that not all friends should be trusted when she caught her husband having an affair with her own best friend. Ouch!

She caught the illicit couple in a hotel naked while they are making love.

Judging the husband’s gestures, it is clear that he chose his mistress over his wife. It is believed that they had already two children, thus making more netizens furious for his unfaithfulness.

Watch how they got busted here: