See Here: What killed this man, many of us drink every day. Death lurks in the refrigerator.

This is the story of Dean Wharmby who is a serious athlete from Manchester, United Kingdom. He works out religiously and builds his muscles with a proper diet filled with loads of proteins and energy. He consumes over 10,000 calories a day to match his work put program.

Along with his rich diet, Dead consumes energy drinks to give him instant energy for his exercises. Obviously, a man is bound to get tired right? So he consumed 2 cans an hour. But like all of us, Dean too was unaware of the side effects of consuming those energy drinks.

5 years ago however, Dean began to get sick and felt weak. On going through an examination, the doctors found a tumor in his body and suggested chemotherapy. Dean however refused chemo and opts for an alternative treatment which shows positive results. Soon his tumor shrinks and he goes back to his old ways.

The tumor returns after sometime and doctors diagnose him with liver cancer. But sadly it was too late for the alternative treatment. Again he refuses chemotherapy and soon begins to lose weight and gets more and more sick by the day.

The 39-year-old then found the cause of his condition were the energy drinks. The excessive sugar in the drinks caused the cancer cells to develop and multiply.

Dean succumbed to his illness in the arms of his wife Charlotte and left her and their daughter Scarlet to grieve. This incident tells us here why the excess of such drinks are fatal for us.

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