Learn Here: 3 Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally - Super Fast


Dark lips can be caused by a lot of reasons such as-

• Excess coffee
• Excess sun exposure
• Cigarette toxins
• Vitamin deficiency
• Wrong make up

They are not only unappealing to look at but also cause humiliation and low self esteem for a person. Here are three simple remedies which you can try at home to get rid of your dark lips naturally.

Remedy 1

Take some lemon juice and dip a cotton pad in it.
Dab the moist cotton pad on your lips.
Repeat the procedure for 1-2 months and see your lips getting lighter.

Remedy 2

Take some olive oil and apply it on to your lips and massage it for five minutes every night before going to bed.
Repeat for 1-2 months.

Remedy 3

Mix 1 tsp of whole cream with 1 tsp of sugar and make a paste.
Scrub your lips with the mixture for five minutes and wash off with plain water.
Repeat the procedure once a week for best results.