Must Watch: Women Drank THIS JUICE For 2 Months And The Result Of Losing Weight Was Incredible!


Lives today are really stressful and can tire out the toughest people. In times like these we require drinks to keep us energized throughout the day and the same time not cause us to gain weight but on the contrary we need drinks to help us to lose weight. To help in all these purposes, here is a health tonic made from apple cider vinegar and a few more ingredients that will not only boost your metabolism but will help you stay energized and fit.

Take two cups of water in a jar.
Add 2 tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar to it.
Take 1 tbsp on raw thick honey in a separate bowl and add a few drops of hot water to it to help it melt down. Once it gets liquidy you can add it to the apple cider vinegar mixture.
Add a few dashes of cinnamon powder.
Similarly add a few dashes of pure cayenne pepper powder.
Lastly, add lemon juice.
Close the jar from the top and shake well to help all the dry ingredients to mix in the mixture.
The drink is really acidic in nature with the lemon juice and apply cider vinegar and can therefore cause damage to your teeth. Thus, it is advised to use a straw to drink it.