Must Watch: Young Woman Filmed Trashing Pub Bathroom Says Incident ‘Ruined Her Life’

A video of the 23-year-old dancing around with a bin on her head went viral on Facebook. But the woman has now told 9 News that she’s received a barrage of death threats from people online – with some even saying she was ‘worse than ISIS’.
According to the Daily Mail she was unaware she was being filmed, and is considering legal action against the person who recorded the incident, at a pub in Perth.

She told 9 News:
I’ve just been completely humiliated by the whole of Australia… it’s spread everywhere so quickly
It’s completely destroyed mine and the other girls’ lives – don’t sell someone else’s life for a little bit of fame.
The women in the film are seen putting bins on their heads, with the contents going all over the floor, before they start twerking. The girl in the black dress almost exposes herself, before throwing paper in the air.