Read Here: 5 Annoying Habits of Boyfriends that Girlfriends hate

It is truly said boys will be boys. They behave in certain ways sometimes that makes their girlfriends go crazy. They call their behavior harmless but really boys, it does harm the girlfriend’s mental peace! Here are some of those things that drive the girlfriends crazy.

Gawking at other girls
When boys just go on staring at other girls “harmlessly” while being with their girlfriends it is the most annoying thing that they do. Sure, girlfriends can be open and chilled out too and enjoy checking other out with you but not every single girl! Guys must stop this!

Forgetting to call back
Girls are known to wait for pending calls especially those, when they are asked to wait. And boys, are known to forget to call back. It often happens when the girlfriend calls and the boyfriend is busy but he says he’s gonna call back but never does. Boys must take note that this is not cool.

Shopping crier
Girls love shopping. Every once in a while they’d love for their boyfriends to accompany them. But that seldom happens. This is one of the habits that every girlfriend will be able to associate with. Boys must at least try to tag along sometimes just for the sake of their girlfriend’s happiness.

Superiority Complex
Sure, you earn more. Sure, you’re physically stronger. But no, that does not make you superior. We live in a world where equality is a matter of huge importance. So it would be lovely to see some of that in the relationship too.

Way too many girlfriends
It’s good that you’re popular and have a lot of female fan following but really hanging out with them all the time is also not cool. Your girlfriend needs to feel that she’s the one only in your heart.