Read Here: 5 Things a Woman Wants In a Relationship


When you think of what a woman wants in a relationship, you assume that you would never figure that out. It is generally stated that women are difficult creatures and you will fail to sort them out. However, a woman wants a few simple things from her man. When a woman notices that she is being loved and valued for as a person, she begins to love back with every pound of flesh in her body. That’s their way of loving in a relationship. Here is what a woman wants in a relationship:

#5 Appreciate her.
A woman wants to be appreciated. Women have a lot more things to do then men, and they love to walk an extra mile for her guy. She would be willing to work and even handle all the household chores. She would do anything to make her loved ones and her family comfortable. The simplest thing you can do is to appreciate her for what she does. Show her that she exists. Don’t make her feel like you don’t see her.

#4 Make her feel protected.
A woman wants to feel safe. When a woman gets into a relationship, she hopes that the man around her will make her feel safe. She knows that a man is capable of protecting her physically, but in a relationship, it is very important to feel emotionally protected as well. She wants the assurance that she can be whoever she wants as her ‘guardian angel’ is watching over her. So when you are with her, make sure that she is comfortable and protected.

#3Do not betray her trust.
A woman wants a man who is trustworthy. Trust is what drives every single relationship there is, even if it is between a mother and her son, or a father and his daughter.

She wants a man she can be extremely honest with. She want to talk her heart out with someone and she wants the assurance that her emotions and feelings will not just go down the drain. She doesn’t want her partner to share her life and betray her trust by telling her things to someone else. She just wants someone who will hear out whatever she wants to say, no matter how crazy or depressing it. Don’t make her feel like she is just another friend of yours while she is your girlfriend. Instead be her best friend because best friends guard each other’s secrets.

#2 Make her feel loved.
A woman wants her man to make her feel loved and desired. She wants him to show it, and not just say it. When you tell a woman that you love her, your words will mean something to her for a while. However, if your actions are not in sync with your words then they will lose their charm in a while. Your actions should show it. Love her like there is no limit to love. When you love her a lot, you won’t even have to say it. Your actions will speak for themselves.

#1 Be her best friend first.
Perhaps the most successful relationships are those where the two partners live like best friends. In my case, I often end up sharing extremely disturbing things about my past and my personality with my partner, and I have never seen him getting annoyed over it. He values me just that much.

A woman wants her partner to be her best friend because there is a different level of comfort with your best friend. With your best friend, you can be whoever you want and they will still love you for it. They will never judge you and they will always accept you for who you are.

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