Read Here: 6 Sweet Ways to Remind Your Boyfriend of Your Love


❤ Walk down the memory lane What better way to relive your love than to remember how it all started? Often, just talking about and remembering how you two fell in love for the first time is enough to ignite the spark.

❤ Cook for him The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Therefore, you can make his favorite dishes for him and show him that you care for him and love him enough to remember his favorites.

❤ Wear clothes of his choice There’s always something that you wear that makes your guy happy. Try and out on that dress while going out for him. This will show him that you value his choice.

❤ Gift him something Surprise him with little gifts. May be a jersey of his favorite football team, or even something as small as his favorite pen. A gift always brings a smile to people’s face.

❤ Do his favorite things with him Spend time with him doing his favorite things like playing his favorite games or reading books or just going to the clubs. It will bring a smile to his face to know that you are willing to go out and do things of his choice before focusing on your interests.

❤ Love letters Gone are the days when people wrote letters to express their love for each other. In technologically advanced times of today, people are just a text away. so writing a letter to him in your own handwriting will show your efforts and willingness to go the extra mile.