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He always asks you before a plan
He doesn’t just venture out on his own without giving a thought to what you feel. He always makes it a point to ask you before making a plan, no matter how much it means to him.

He values your time and efforts
He knows you have a busy schedule and somehow still manage to take care of his needs. He will value it and never just tell you to do things. Every once in a while he may even help you around with your work without being asked to do so.

Never forgets to make sure you’re okay
If he remembers your important dates and events and things that bother you, and makes it a point to check you a couple of times during the day then you know you’ve got your special place in his heart.

He does things but doesn’t brag
If he often does huge favors along with tiny little everyday ones but makes sure to never brag about it then it is evident that it doesn’t even cross his mind. He’s happy doing things for you as long as you’re happy.

Honesty is the word
He is always honest, no matter what. If he thinks you should know about something then he will tell you no matter what the outcome. It only goes out to show that he values the relationship and wants to keep it pure.

It’s always ‘you first’ for him
He doesn’t make decisions that suit him alone. He makes sure to think of you before jumping into anything. Sometimes he may even do things as per your liking even though it’s not what he wants.

No grudges policy
He holds no grudges against you. Whatever the problem is, he talks and sorts it out with you and doesn’t hold on to it forever.

He doesn’t get into stupid small issues with you. If and when you do fight it is always on matters of importance. He sees no point in spoiling the mood over tiny little things.