See Here: 10 Celebrities Who Had CRAZY Threesomes…. I Went Speechless When I Saw How #6 Got It On!


1. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
While this may only be a rumor, we had to share it with you! Back in 2007, Brad and Angelina reportedly had a threesome with one of the world’s hottest models, Karolina Kurkova.

2. Eric Dane and Wife Rebecca Gayheart
These celebs got caught on tape! Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart were filmed fooling around with Ann Peniche in a threesome. She’s the girl who lost her Miss Teen USA title after posing nude for Playboy. Sounds fun…

3. Tiger Woods
Probably the most leas assuming one of these celebrities who had threesomes on this list (until his sex scandal a few years ago), Tiger Woods was a must for this post.

A well-known madam outed Tiger and claimed he loved his girl-on-girl threesomes.

4. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis
Popular Hollywood stars Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are celebrities who had threesomes. Wilde reportedly bought Jason two strippers for his birthday and then sent him to a private room…

What a lucky son of a gun!

5. Jason Briggs and Wife Jenny Mollen
This married man is one lucky guy. Not only does he get to sleep with hottie Jenny Mollen on the reg, he’s also got to have a threesome with her and another babe on his birthday.

6. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were in the spotlight for being a hot couple. But then Kutcher’s reported mistress, Brittany Jones, claimed she slept with both celebrities at the same time when they had an open relationship.

Additionally, the hot couple also “shared” women in bed. Demi just didn’t like when Ashton was selfish with his girl-toys. He was a bad boy when he kept them to himself…

7. Lady Gaga
We all know that Lady Gaga is a bit, I mean, a lot out there, but you might be surprised she’s also one of these celebrities who had threesomes.

While she refuses to give the details, Lady Gaga admits she’s been with two people at once. At least tell us if there it was with men or women! Come on!

8. Kim Kardashian, Julian St. Jox and Emily Ann
Before Kim was the loyal wife to Kanye West, she flaunted her celebrity trysts online and in social media.

But now Kim’s reputation is under question when adult actor Julian St. Jox and fellow porn star Emily Ann discussed how submissive Kim was during their threesome.

Kim “was a little submissive, but she was good. She knew what she was doing. She was very responsive to me … [and] looked like she was enjoying herself very much.”

9. Christina Aguilera and Samantha
Rumor has it that Christina and Samantha hooked up with an unnamed third person at Nicole Richie’s batchelorette party in Mexico. The gender of this third and ever-so-lucky person is unknown.

Supposedly, Christina was “as horny as a college freshman.”

10. Charlie Sheen, Bree Olson, and Brook Mueller
“I didn’t mind it,” Bree said about sleeping with Brook Mueller and Charlie Sheen. “She’s hot.”

Apparently during his #Winning years, Charlie Sheen had numerous threesomes with some pretty hot babes.

Pictured here, Charlie Sheen almost gropes Bree Olson, and Natalie Kenly, who also reportedly romped in a threesome with the horny duo.