See Here: 10 Celebrities Who Were Rich Before They Were Famous


#1 – Julia Louis-Dreyfus ($3 Billion)
A lot of people are surprised when they find out that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is worth a total of $3.4 billion.

Yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’. She has made $200 million from acting alone, but that’s hardly a dent in her overall net worth.
So how is Julia worth all of this money? Her 82 year old father, William Louis-Dreyfus, is the chairman of an energy company.

Energy is big business in the world today, and the company that is worth billions will be all Julia’s after William passes away. She was destined to live wealthy forever. However, Julia is regarded as one of the few star whose success isn’t based solely on luck, after her talented run on “Seinfeld” and “Veep”. Still, it’s hard to picture her as Julia and not as Elaine.

#2 – Lady Gaga ($190 Million)
Lady Gaga claims that her parents were from lower-class families, but they made plenty of money living in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Obviously, her parents made enough money to send her to a private Catholic school, which is not a cheap bill in New York City. They are both in the internet business, which has allowed her to get off to a good start.
Lady Gaga is now one of the biggest money makers in the music industry with 12 hits in the Top 10 on the Billboard Charts, including 3 that reached Number 1.

Her tours have been the biggest source of her wealth, as she is now worth over $110 million. Lady Gaga could afford any outfit she wants, still she prefers wearing weird stuff like meat suits.

#3 – Miley Cyrus ($150 Million)
If the 1992 hit song “Achy Breaky Heart” lodged itself into your brain at some point, then you know Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus.

After the hit song, Billy Ray stuck around on the country charts for another couple of years, but he never made it back into the Top 40. Still, he made millions from his singing career, which gave Miley a good opportunity.
Miley got a show on the Disney Channel, Hannah Montana, which also included her father.

She then broke off on her own to launch a singing career that has been odd, to put it lightly. The young girl that you remember from the kid’s show is dead and buried, as Miley is now the short-haired, over-sexualized singer of songs like “Wrecking Ball”..

#4 – Taylor Swift ($105 Million)
We all know that the banking industry is one of the best routes to go if you want to be wealthy.

Taylor’s father is a financial adviser, his father was a bank president, his great grandfather was a bank president, and his great great grandfather was a bank president. That’s right, four generations of financial success!
The family packed up and moved to Nashville from Pennsylvania to help Taylor get a country music career.

Since then, she has been making songs that get stuck in your head for days, like “Shake It Off”. Even her younger brother is doing well for himself, as he just graduated from the University of Notre Dame. It would be nice to attend colleges like that or have your entire family relocate to pursue a career in music, but you don’t come from four generations of bank executives, sorry!

#5 – Anderson Cooper ($100 Million)
Anderson Cooper has an incredibly impressive bloodline, with his grandparents being millionaires of the Vanderbilt family.

He used his connections to get an internship with the CIA, which is an almost impossible task without formal training, unless you have a family with that much pull. Anderson instead decided that he wanted to get into journalism.
Anderson started with Channel One news (which is played every morning in schools across the country), then turned it into correspondent roles with ABC and later CNN.

Trying to change career paths without a degree is not advised for the normal man, though.

#6 – Chevy Chase ($50 Million)
The family line that Chevy Chase comes from is an impressive one.

The occupations in his family tree include a magazine editor, concert pianist, World War II admiral, artist, opera singer and the heir to The Crane Company. Chevy’s father, Edward, was the magazine editor.
He divorced Chevy’s mother, Cathalene, when Chevy was just a child. Edward then remarried into another wealthy family that you probably recognize from your kitchen every morning, The Folgers’.
Chase became a comedian/actor with a successful movie career before becoming that weird old man that couldn’t get along with the people at “Community”.

#7 – Adam Levine ($35 Million)
Adam Levine didn’t have the tamest upbringing. He dabbled in drugs during his teenage years, and his parents divorced when he was very young.

However, the family that he came from did have substantial wealth. Adam’s uncle was an author and his father owned a chain of retail stores.
Adam’s original band name was Kara’s Flowers and the group started out in a garage.

They got their big break while performing at a lavish private party, so Adam’s connections were put to good use. Since then, the now-named Maroon 5 has blown up and made Levine a very wealthy person. He’s gotten so rich that some people think he’s a member of the Illuminati secret society. They’re probably right, but there’s no confirmation.

#8 – Psy ($25 Million)
Psy broke the YouTube counter with his hit song “Gangnam Style”, collecting well over 2 billion views, the most of all-time.

But he already had a considerable amount of money before the hit, as he came from a very wealthy family from the Gangnam District, of course.
His father was an executive for a manufacturer of semiconductors, which isn’t quite as exciting as a singing career, but it certainly pays the bills.

If it weren’t for the singing, Psy was next in line to take over his father’s business. Either way, he was set for life before he even got out of high school, except now he gets to do what he loves. Still, nobody knows the words to Gangnam Style in America, as it’s the Asian version of the Macarena basically.

#9 – Paul Giamatti ($25 Million)
Paul Giamatti never quite had the look that you would expect from a big time Hollywood actor, but he had the acting chops and connections to make it in the big time.

He is the son of Bart Giamatti, which is a familiar name if you are a baseball fan. Bart was the commissioner of the National League, and then the entire MLB for a brief time before his death.
After a hefty inheritance and a solid acting career, Paul Giamatti has netted himself $25 million.

While his best role was probably in the movie “Sideways”, a lot of younger people will remember him as the bad guy in “Big Fat Liar”. It’s not a good movie, but people seem to really embrace it for some reason.

#10 – Robin Thicke ($15 Million)
Robin Thicke is a current singer, and the son of Alan Thicke. In the 1980’s, Alan Thicke became a household name in the United States by playing the father on the show “Growing Pains”. Since then, Alan hasn’t quite stayed in the spotlight, however, he’s still an icon in his native Canada.

While “Growing Pains” was more a family friendly sitcom (despite the fact there was a character named Boner), Alan’s son, Robin, has made his living by creating provocative hit songs and music videos. His biggest smash hit was “Blurred Lines”, and nobody will forget when Miley Cyrus twerked on him during the MTV Video Music Awards. By the way, you will hear more about Miley later on in this list.