See Here: 10 Hilarious Everyday Life Fails


# 1. Choose your words wisely
People make the mistake of underestimating English to a very great extent and murdering the language on almost daily basis. It's not funny people, please respect the language and think before you post because that's what social media is also looking at and judging you.

# 2. My life, My Rules
'It's my life' is a song by Jon Bon Jovi and it portrays a deeper meaning. This guy tattooed this onto his arm. It's your life. Fine, we didn't say it's ours. But it's our eyes they cannot see the murder of English happening in front of it.

# 3. Irony
Ironies are the funniest things I personally have come across. It's like someone is trying to say or do something and for some stupid reason they do the exact opposite of their intention. No doubt, you have a sad life.

# 4. Can I call you?
I think she looks very candid and photogenic. All that would be okay but no judgements. But she forgets that her phone is goddamn a very good one. Smell the sarcasm.

# 5. Just a normal day
It's just a normal day for you, cars floating, boats on roads and aeroplanes on waters. Wait does it sound right? No, because it's not. But this boat doesn't agree with you.

# 6. Dude hairstyles
Hairstyles reflect your personality in a way. They way you look and how presentable you are to everyone is very important. People try their best to look good or acceptable. Some people just want to rebel against the idea and do whatever they want without thinking anything of themselves.

# 7. Just, Life hacks
Life hacks are important. They make your life way much easier and better. You don't have to go ahead and do the same tough, annoying method to do the same thing. This guy gets a brilliant hack. But we hope that phone doesn't fall, the world will break.

# 8. The Axe effect
No, this isn't something wrong or immoral. This is something that just happened and well, what can he do if he's so hot that even all animals are attached to him. This is what we call the Axe effect.

# 9. Loss of tire
Imagine you are driving your car and suddenly when you are in a totally isolated place, your tyre gets flat or something. It's just sad because it ruins your trip and your efforts till then. But imagine suddenly losing a tyre and being stuck. Sucks.

# 10. Holding hands and it's so much fun
I'm just out on a date with a beautiful person I'm in love with and we are just strolling around holding hands. This is so romantic and fun. Yeah, only if you look at your date or good chicken.