See Here: 10 Things That Make Guys Irrationally Horny


#1 Perfume
Smells that are tied to a memory or a person can get a guy hot and bothered. If it is a scent he finds sexy or is worn by his lover or former lover, he may get turned on. Perfume is supposed to be attractive, so here’s the proof it gets the job done.

#2 Red Dress
The color red has been shown to be the color most associated with arousal. So, when a woman is wearing red or shows up in a red dress, guys get turned on and are even possibly more drawn to a woman wearing the color.

#3 Clean Sheets
New, clean sheets are a huge turn on for men. In fact, sliding in between clean and new sheets is a turn on for both sexes. This is quite possibly the reason behind “hotel sex” and the desire to “get busy” in a hotel with clean sheets.

#4 Wearing His Shirt
Throwing on his dress shirt in the morning is extremely hot to men. Guys find something hot about a girl wearing one of their shirts. It is almost a confirmation that the girl likes them in a way, and they love it.

#5 Being Nerdy
Guys like nerds. They don’t necessarily like people who are way too intelligent for them, but guys do like girls that are super passionate about what they like to do. Being passionate about something you love is a huge turn on for guys.

#6 Making Him Laugh
Men like a sense of humor. If a woman is able to make a man laugh, they find it extremely arousing. Sometimes making a man laugh can lead right to the bedroom (or at least into a fantastic conversation).

#7 Fear
Fear, or being scared, can cause arousal, but not necessarily because the man likes being scared. Fear and arousal share things like shortness of breath and a rise in blood pressure, so even if they are scared, their brain may tell them they are aroused instead.

#8 Tickle Fights
That tickle fight you and your partner have on Sunday mornings sometimes? He’s getting turned on by it, even if he doesn’t tell you. This can also be a fetish, but it is an extremely common thing among men.

#9 Seeing Himself
Yes, guys can get turned on by simply seeing themselves naked. Most people love being naked, and everyone has had days where they catch a glimpse of themselves and are pretty impressed. Guys get excited by this!

#10 Music
Certain music can simply turn a guy on. This is because there is usually a memory tied to that music. Whether it is the song that he lost his virginity to or simply a song that makes him feel sexy, music can easily have the power to make the guy heated.