See Here: 11 Frightening Images Of Nature You Have Never Seen Before


1. The saltwater crocodile named Brutus eating a cub shark

2. These hippos are all set for a meal of crocodile.

3. This giant fruit bat belongs to a family called "mega bats".

4. It's a whale shark, an extremely vulnerable species.

5. The sperm whale has got scars from fights with huge squids.

6. This gigantic jellyfish was found in the coast of Japan.

7. Apart from Jellyfish, hornets are also seen in Asia and provinces in northern China.

8. Though some people may find them cute but they are actually very injurious.

9. The large Australian wedge-tailed eagle carrying a fox for meal.

10. The snake eating a toad who is WAY too large for it.

11. This deceivingly dangerous bird may look ordinary to you at first glance.