See Here: 12 Differences Between British And Swedish Nightclubs

1. When the double trouble is welcomed in Sweden!

But it doesn't look same in England!

2. When Sweden people are ready to say Yes for anything!

And England took it double enthusiastically!

3. When Swedish people flaunt sexy cleavages.

England believes at seeing them!

4. Sweden girls like girls too!

And here in England, girls surf their own mothers are loved!

5. Swedish girls are too sporty!

I think, England girls are too foody!

6. Swedish girls managed to look sexy with tanning as well!

These white ladies are also looking pretty!

7. Swedish ladies after party look too fresh!

Here the English ones are totally a mess, looks like they enjoyed a lot!

8. These people need no photoshop for perfect pictures!

They intentionally do this!

9. These ladies are having real fun!

The man in the right is having too bad time!

10. Swedish people party all together!

Are they even partying?

11. When Swedish girl stares, she will take away you with her!

When British girls will stare at you, you will definitely run away!

12. Sweden is full of pretty ladies!

I don't know what British people look alike!

Well, that's not true! England also have some hidden gems!