See Here: 12 Hacks To Help Make Parenting A Breeze


1. Bathe your kiddo in a laundry basket so their toys don't float away.
Bath time can be a very stressful time for a parent. There is splashing and screaming and all kinds of annoying things going on. Eliminate a lot of the fuss with this neat hack that not only prevents the toys from floating away but gives the added peace of mind of something to help support your little one.

Note: NEVER leave your child unattended in a bath

2. Trace your little ones' feet so you don't need to take them shoe shopping with you.
Shopping with kids sucks. Shoe shopping is even worse. Take the strain out of shoe shopping with this clever hack. Oh, and when you're done your kid-free shopping, be sure to have a quiet coffee by yourself before heading home.

3. Use a barrette to tighten up loose straps
This is a genius idea. I use this hack all the time. You can also use a ribbon if you are worried about the barrette digging into your child's back.

4. Make frozen "pacifiers" to help soothe your teething baby's gums
Teething babies are one of the hardest things to deal with when you are a parent. The pain makes them cranky and they are prone to crying. A LOT!
Try making these frozen "pacifiers" out of breast milk, formula or water to help soothe their aches.

5. Administer medications with this ingenious idea.
Getting medicine into children is fraught with problems. The mess, the screaming, the struggling...and that's just the parents! Try cutting a small hole in the end of a pacifier and pop the medicine dropper inside.

6. Turn an old DVD case into a portable art kit.
Now this idea I love! For a car/plane/bus ride where small people need to be entertained, making your own little art kit is a brilliant way to pass the time.

7. Use an old lotion bottle to make the tap reachable to little hands.
Like the T-rex, kids' arms are quite short and it makes it hard for them to reach things. In terms of the stove this is a good thing; in terms of the tap it is not.
Try this cool idea to make hand washing something your kids will be able to do on their own.

8. The perfect solution for a baby that likes to go all Houdini on their diaper.
I have parented 2 babies and both of them liked to take their diapers off and pretend they were Jackson Pollock with its contents. If you have a similar child, it's as simple as putting their onesie on backwards. No more poop paintings!

9. Sick of kid mess in your car? Try this hack for a mess-less ride.
Eating in the car is unavoidable sometimes. Meals on the run between after-school activities are essential and take it from me, a french fry that is left to its own devices under your seat is not a nice thing. Add to it the endless cereal and crackers, the floor of my car resembles the ground under the bleachers of a baseball game. This little food caddy will help your car stay cleaner for longer.

10. Clean up kid crumbs easily
Ahhhh kid mess. It's ubiquitous and it's constant. Sweeping up crumbs is pretty much my full-time job so I love this hack! Keep a lint roller in every room for quick and easy clean ups.

11. Use trash bags to line your diaper pail
Smart, simple and cheap. No more stinky diaper pails. You're welcome!

12. Satisfy their scribble cravings whilst buying yourself some couch time.
Okay, I saved my favorite hack for last. Kids LOVE to draw. They will draw on just about anything. Paper, floors, walls and even themselves.

Let them express their inner Picasso by popping them in a large box with some crayons. They are contained (as is the scribbling) and you can sit down and have a coffee (or two)!