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# 1. Chips like Doritos or Fritos contain enough oil for a flame to start a fire.

# 2. If you're in a burning area, make use of a bra as a breathing mask.

# 3. To start a fire, you can use a 9 volt battery and put it in front of a ball of steel.

# 4. Having difficulty opening that jar? Use duct tape!

# 5. Want to protect your feet from blisters or shoe bites? Duct tape again!

# 6. Punch a hole in a tuna can and add a wick on top to use it as a candle.

# 7. Wax crayons make pretty good candles as well.

# 8. Some aluminium foil and an AA battery can also easily produce a flame.

# 9. A bunch of wood collected together in a large sized plastic bag can end up being an emergency raft.

# 10. Some paper towels and duct tape can be used as a makeshift cast for a broken bone.

# 11. Salt water can be used to treat those bug bites easily.

# 12. Use baking soda to brush your teeth daily to avoid any cavities.

# 13. Use baby oil to protect your skin from frost bite in the cold winter months.

# 14. If you need a projectile weapon and you don't got no gun, use a toothpick and a can of compressed air.