See Here: 15 Most Hilarious Walmart Mom Fails Ever!

For those of you who don’t know the history of reputation, these pictures will make it crystal clear to you. Walmart is famous for being the shopping destination for moms who really couldn’t care less about what people thought of them. From showing up in skimpy dresses to almost in your night suits, people have done it all. Here are some of the images that show you exactly that! Like the woman with the spongebob dress, or the one showing her love for twilight, this is a look into the “walmart life”. Check out the images and know what to expect if you ever go there.

1. Little more short.

2. She is a twerk queen.

3. WTF!

5. She forgot I am with her.

6. Mom weared my elder sister's cloth.

7. My mom has better stand.

15. She might be the best fan of Twilight.