See Here: 16 People On Facebook Who Got Caught In Their Tangled Web Of Lies

1. This girl and her totally legit thigh gap.

2. This person who is definitely not at the club.

3. This person whose results you probably don’t want to emulate.

4. This person who can’t quit while they’re ahead. Pun intended.

5. This person who did not use ‘fotoshop’ and is hoping the ‘color heals up soon!’

6. Thi person who is lucky enough to be engaged to this Google dreamboat.

7. Devin, who’s just asking for a mate.

8. This guy, who is not at all Photoshopped.

9. This person who has no makeup on, except for pretty much everything.

10. The girl who totally almost kissed Justin Bieber.

11. This guy, who should be held back when making Facebook statuses.

12. This girl who is definitely aaaaaaaaall natural.

13. Anyone who posts this goddamn nonsense. “he donated hiz ovaries to u just to save your life.” WAT.

14. The person who took a photo from Jailbait Gallery and tried to pass it off as his GF.

15. Anyone who reposts this genuinely believing that this is India. Protip: that is Africa, a continent.

16. And the joker whose phone number also happens to be a direct line to emergency services.