See Here: 17 Hilarious Food Fails That Are So Bad, They’re Good

1. That’s not how it looked on the website…

2. The ugly duckling x12

3. A despicable attempt

4. Monstrous batch of cookies

5. Hedgehog had a haircut. He’s asking for his money back…

6. There’s something a little ‘KKK’ about those strawberries. Just me?

7. A chilling representation of how real life is a lot harsher than we expect

8. Running man cookie at 10 other cookies whilst in the oven

9. This creation was doomed before it even began

10. There will be no buzz around this cake at the birthday party

11. E for effort

12. This’ll take more than a quick patch up job

13. The cling film finish is especially classy

14. Not even a little bit close

15. On completely the wrong track

16. So close yet so, so far