See Here: 17 People Who Got Absolutely Wrecked


1. This guy getting run over by a dog.

2. This lady whose protective gear didn't save her.

3. This girl who got taken down by the other singer.

4. This kid, who won't be trying that again.

5. These two, who forgot that ice is invisible.

6. This girl, who may or may not have perished.

7. This guy, who is probably not ok. At all.

8. The girl who managed to do what most cars cannot.

9. This lady, who finished the race in style.

10.This guy, who seems to have lost his ability to fly.

11. This kid, just trying to be a person.

12. And this person encountering winter for the first and last time.

13. This girl, who was probably trying to surf along the sand.

14. This lady, whose fitness regimen is not off to a great start.

15. This kid, literally biting the dust.

16. The little girl who discovered that Slip 'N Slides are not that fun.

17. And finally, this kid, who's one of many victims to be claimed in that spot.