See Here: 17 Types Of People You Will Meet Or Have Met Going To College


# 1.The 24/7 Partier
Sure, you're here to party, but you're also here to learn--at least some of the time. The 24/7 partier is getting wasted every night, even when he has an 8 a.m. class the next day. He's cool at first, but it gets tiring really quickly.

# 2.The Girl Who Hates Everyone
All she does is complain about how she hates everyone. Every girl she gets paired up with ends up requesting a roommate change, until the administration just decides to give her a solo room.

# 3.The Nontraditional Student
They're a freshman, yet they've been able to buy their own beer for a decade or more. Rather than sharing the magical powers of their adult ID, they spend all their time studying. After all, they're here because they want to be.

# 4.The Long Distance Relationship
Her high school boyfriend is going to a university four hours away. He's all she talks about and you never see her without her phone, texting him heart emojis. If you're interested in her, just wait a few months. That relationship won't last.

# 5.The Pre-Professionals
They spend all their time in the library and if you get a chance to talk to them, all they say is how little sleep they get while they study for their law school or medical school entrance exams. They're just running on coffee and granola bars.

# 6.The Environmentalist
You rarely see him in class because he's too busy handing out pamphlets on recycling or picketing the cafeteria's use of non-sustainable farming conglomerates.

# 7.The Drunk
Like the 24/7 partier, the drunk spends most of his time with a red Solo cup of beer in his hand. The difference is that this guy also walks around with a flask on him at all times and never seems to be sober, even in class. Avoid this guy or you may just fall down that hole with him.

# 8.Those Living And Breathing The Greek Life
Their sorority or fraternity is the number one thing on their list of priorities. They're always organizing events or handling in-house politics. Schoolwork? That's not why they're in college.

# 9.The Hipster
She spends her nights sipping gourmet coffee at poetry slams and her days "expressing herself" in her liberal arts classes. She's going to finish that novel one of these days.

# 10.The Loner
He lives by the phrase, "I'm not here to make friends." Really, that's just something he says to give himself permission not to even try to talk to people. You can find him sitting by himself in the cafeteria.

# 11.The Slacker
He spends so much time getting high or playing video games, he almost never shows up to class. When he does, he falls asleep almost immediately. Why is he even here?

# 12.The Over-Doer
She seems to think every class is about her. She raises her hand every chance she gets in order to interject her own opinion and experiences into every lecture. Even the professors hate her.

# 13.The Sports Fan
He takes sports way too seriously. He'll come to class painted up in the school colors on game day and will try to get excused from exams if they happen on the same day as the big game against the school's rivals.

# 14.The Perma-Studier
No parties for her. She won't even attend a simple dorm floor get together. She seems to think that every minute of her day needs to be taken up by studying. If she isn't hooked on caffeine pills now, she will be come finals week. She'll have at least one emotional breakdown every month.

# 15.The Floater
He has no idea what he wants to do with his life. One year, he's declaring a biology major. The next he's switched it to philosophy. In the end, he'll graduate with a business degree that he found incredibly boring, but it could at least get him a job.

# 16.The Charismatic Douche
Whether a guy or a girl, the charismatic douche can get away with whatever they want. Even if a professor says no one can retake an exam, they'll always make an exception for this person. And they aren't afraid to rub it in your face. You're looking at the future president.

# 17.The Wet Blanket
You want to have fun? She'll give you ten reasons why you shouldn't. She'll tell on you if you're drinking and will judge the crap out of you if you need to take a break from studying. Odds are, she'll be an RA next year.