See Here: 19 Rare Pictures You’ve Probably Never Seen Before, #3 is Most Rare!

#19 A patch of grass after it was struck by lightning.

#18 An albino crocodile.

#17 The Atlantic Ocean road in Norway, AKA the most extreme road on Earth.

#16 Ammolite, an organic gemstone that is considered to be the rarest gemstone on Earth.

#15 The corpse plant, whose Latin name translates to “misshapen penis”. It gives a strong smell of rotting meat.

#14 A flying fish up close.

#13 Icy water as viewed from above.

#12 Manhattan today, compared to what it would have looked like 400 years ago.

#11 A 3D cast with ultrasound technology, which bones heal faster.

#10 A tightrope walker’s view as he carefully makes his way between to hot air balloons.

#9 The inside of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which holds over 840,000 seed samples of 4,000 different plant species.

#8 A lizard who shed his face skin in one go.

#7 A inside of a meteorite.

#6 Wulong Karst, an incredible spot in the heart of China.

#5 An elephant standing on his back legs to get some food from a tree.

#4 The cross section of an airplane that has been cut in half.

#3 What it looks like on the inside of a kangaroo pouch.

#2 The Chinese lantern, a flower that blooms in winter and dries out during spring.

#1 The view from the top of Mount Everest.