See Here: 20 Of The Most Questionable Things Ever Posted On The Internet

1. Definitely natural.

2. RedBox only hires magical leprechauns, though.

3. As opposed to..? Unless you’re referring to the desire for your daughter to be cis-gendered, I think you missed the mark.

4. A seldom seen cat.

5. Get it right, Canada.

6. Oh the humanity.

7. Just how.

8. Seriously impressed with mother nature right now.

9. How do explain this to a person?

10. Hitler’s moustache is pretty recognisable.

11. Jokes on you, buddy.

12. Ah yes the famous Michigan wall, built to keep out the sand peoples’ invasion in the early 14th Century.

13. So yeah, about that.

14. Tina should Google before she posts.

15. I don’t think it works like that.

16. Ah I wondered why birth day and day of birth sounded pretty similar.

17. “Paper does not have atoms” Apparently your brain doesn’t either.

18. You do that.

19. Better question: how is the population expanding?!

20. And then we have the ultimate zoologist.