See Here: 20 People Who Forgot How To Summer With Embarrassing Tan Line Consequences

1. An instant way to recognise the bikini you wore at the start of the week

2. Or the suncream you didn’t wear

3. Pick one bikini type and stick to it is the lesson I’m taking from this

4. If this was done on purpose – why? And…no

5. Is that yellow?

6. And some people just want to fuck with the system

7. Now he can wear a hat without wearing a hat

8. Topless it is then

9. Well, his secret is out

10. He didn’t miss leg day but his thighs missed tan day

11. Refer to number 3 for more advice

12. Nothin’ super about that

13. That’s a whole different shade of red

14. Is this the same person?

15. Wearing his fail like a jersey

16. Suncream effort, poor

17. Don’t rest your lunch on your legs when sunbathing

18. Maybe keep your top on for the rest of the summer

19. He was just dickin’ around

20. High shorts?

21. It’s hard to look anywhere else

22. A nice design but perhaps not one you want long-term