See Here: 20 Tips And Tricks That Are A Girl's Best Friend


1. Save counter space! Get a magnetic makeup board.

2. Become a highlighting + contouring pro:

3. Keep your boots in perfect shape with pool noodles.

4. Spruce up old heels with glitter and glue. Learn how here.

5. Freshen up old mascara by running the wand under hot water first. See the full tutorial here.

6. Here are 12 different ways to tie a scarf:

7. Apply eyeliner in a winged pattern to be chic:

8. Add some lace to your jeans with this simple tutorial.

9. Here is how you can turn your old pants into new shorts:

10. Use baking soda packets to freshen up flats when not in use.

11. How to get the perfect pouty look:

12. Here is how you can get longer-lasting lipstick.

13. You can create your own heating pack with socks and rice.

14. Know when it's time for the goods to go:

15. Remove deodorant stains with dryer sheets.

16. Fix scratched sunglasses.

17. Upgrade basic candles with glitter.

18. Spend some time figuring out the perfect nude nail polish shade for your skin tone.

19. Keep bobby pins in place with hairspray.

20. Use a pumice brush to take lint off of old coats and sweaters.