See Here: 21 Dads Who Have Mastered The Art Of Texting

1. Sometimes you have to find creative ways to break the bad news

2. Could be worse. It could have been a ladybug

3. Say it one more time, dad

4. Sometimes, it can be hard to get his attention

5. He's a parent first, which is lucky

6. And he's got your back no matter what

7. He tells it like it is

8. And sometimes shares a bit too much

9. He has the same fears as us

10. Unconditional love at its finest

11. He helps you keep things in perspective

12. This dad has been waiting on this joke his son's entire life

13. He definitely makes up better abbreviations than anyone could have imagined

14. Sometimes he's passive-aggressive towards you

15. It can be hard to live up to expectations

16. Curfew's at 11. No exceptions

17. Sometimes less is more. But not this time

18. Sometimes he just doesn't get how technology works

19. But he's definitely your inspiration when it comes to humor

20. And sometimes, he just might impress you beyond belief

21. Classic Dad