See Here: The 21 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Fails EVER. What Was Madonna Even Thinking?


#1 Perhaps falling is a lucky charm for Jennifer Lawrence, as she recreated last year's Oscars fall outside the Dolby Theatre.

#2 Madonna's EPIC cape fail at the BRIT Awards 2015.

#3 I mean Drake looks like he enjoyed the kiss.

#4 Even Fergie's gotta go sometimes.

#5 Taylor Swift had her own Marilyn Monroe moment.

#6 Not sure what was going through Louie Spencer's mind as he randomly decided to take a sudden gander.

#7 Katy Perry took a harsh fall after belly flopping into some birthday cake for no apparent reason during the 2008 MTV Awards.

#8 When Ice T's wife, Coco, had to prove to all her online haters that her butt is all naturale.

#9 Sofia Vergara had one of the worst wardrobe malfunctions ever at the Emmy Awards back in 2012.

#10 Beyonce got her hair caught in a fan while performing a concert in Montreal. The queen is a trooper though, she continued to perform her encore while the security guards attempted to free her hair.

#11 Was Vanessa Anne Hudgens planning on returning the jeans?

#12 Britney Spears' fishnets just couldn't take it any longer, but it's ok Britney... We've seen worse from you.

#13 Not sure what Ryan Gosling was thinking before he put on this shirt, let alone agree to taking a photo in front of this wall.

#14 Robin Thicke caught red handed being the sly dog he is.

#15 Lindsay Lohan showing some side boob but the real question is... how did Lindsay not feel her boob hanging out?

#16 Victoria’s Secret angel accidentally hit Ariana Grande in the face with her wings. Ariana's priceless reaction was well worth it though.

#17 Looks like Kathy Griffin forgot how to use her legs.

#18 Ok now it's a tie between Selena and Iggy.

#19 Lady Gaga's black latex pants split as she hopped onto a motorcycle for her show. Moral of the story: don't do any fancy tricks in latex pants.

#20 Will Smith got violent after a Ukrainian reporter tried to kiss him on the lips. I mean, who wouldn't be mad?

#21 Oscar-winning Patricia Arquette forgot to pull up her pants all the way up but we still love her.