See Here: 23 Utterly Bizarre Facts About China That Nobody Ever Believes

#23 Death Penalty

The death penalty is abolished in many countries. But, it is increasing in China at a rate that the cases of death penalty in China in a year is four times that in the whole world.

#22 Reincarnation

Reincarnation in China is something for which you will have to seek government's permission.

#21 Shortage of women!

By 2020, it is expected that 30-40 million Chinese male will have no girl to marry.

#20 Birth defects in China

China is dealing with medical anomalies as a baby with birth defects is born in every 30 seconds.

#19 Air pollution in China

One third of the total air pollution in San Francisco comes from China!

#18 Testing on animals

Cosmetic products are first tested over animals, before going to the markets.

#17 Bra Technology

In China, you can get a post-graduation degree in Bra studies.

#16 Censor board!

The word "Censorship" is censored in China!

#15 Pet Dying

Pets are painted or dyed as other animals. This is a growing trent in China.

#14 Cat eating

Four million cats are consumed annually in China.

In 1973, China sent 10 million Chinese women to United States so that U.S. can increase its population.

#12 Army

Pigeons are used for sending messages by the Chinese army. They are trained as "reserve pigeon army".

#11 Illegal

It is illegal in China to use a wordplay or PUN in advertisements. Their usage can land you in prison!

#10 Deforestation

20 million trees, aged 20 years are cut down annually to make chopsticks. 45 billion chopsticks are used every year in China.

#9 Unmarried

If a woman in China is in her late 20s and, she is called "Sheng Nu" which means a leftover woman.

#8 California is affected by China!

The reason behind excessive snowfall in California is China's air pollution.

#7 Facebook banned.

Despite the Facebook ban, China has 95 million Facebook users.

#6 Hole in China

If you start digging hole in China, then you might land on to Argentina or Chile.

#5 Virginity

Girls in China are opting for restoring their virginity by surgeries!

#4 Approval

One has to take government's approval before family planning in China!

#2 Vacations

Vacations in China takes place at same time for everyone. It happens around the China's new year and is a 40 day vacation.

#1 Bodydouble

Some of the riches of China use their body doubles when they are ordered to serve a prison sentence.

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