See Here: Period Vs. Regular

#1 Horny As A Red Toad
It may seem ironic, but during a girl's period she is hornier than hell. Maybe it's fitting that the $ex is colored in red.

#2 Messy
On the flip side, period $ex can be messy. Depending on what day of her period she's on, you should prepare to put a towel down.

#3 Helps With Cramps
Period $ex actually helps with cramps and mood swings, so the next time your girl is a little on the cranky side, give her some lovin.

#4 Slippery When Wet
There's a lot more slippage during period $ex, which can not provide enough friction for pleasure. If it's too much, the best thing to do is to have $ex immediately after removal of a tampon. The v@ginal walls are drier ... at the beginning anyway.

#5 No Lube Necessary
However the great part about period $ex is that she's already wet. No worrying about lube, you can just go right in.

#6 Intimacy
It usually takes some trust on her part to be comfortable enough to have period $ex with you. Consider yourself appointed with your badge of red wings.

#7 The Verdict
It's a personal issue and preference. Period $ex can be a great experience in a loving relationship where both partners respect each other and all that comes with their bodies.