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She is so Beautiful
Abby has found a ray of hope in her favorite nurse, Matt Hickling. She likes Matt so much that she'd like to marry him.

Regular checkup
She meets him every day for her routine checkup.

Marriage plan with Matt Hickling
Abby tells her mother about her sweetest wish and plans to stick a ring on Matt's finger. Matt, when got to know about little one's plans, he immediately agreed for a wedding to cheer up Abby.

Marriage day
Matt arranged a surprise wedding on the very next day with Abby.

Exchange of candy rings
Both of them exchanged candy rings on behalf of whole hospital staffs.

Feeding wedding cake to each other
They feed each other wedding cake, as per the custom

Happily married couple
Matt wrote about his wedding day- "Hopefully this is a day that Abby and her family will always recall and smile about when the times are tough!”

Just married
A wedding gift from Matt to Abby.