See Here: 5 Ideas to Keep Your Boyfriend Happy


1. Cook for him.
To keep your boyfriend happy, surprise him with self-made dishes. You do not have to cook the most technical food items, and you don’t have to bake perfect cakes to make him happy. Remember that you mean a lot to him, so anything you make will make him extremely happy. The effort only will make him so happy that you are trying to do special things for him.

2. Give him quality time.
In relationships, this is one thing that easily gets compromised on. A lot of women don’t realize it but the key to keep your boyfriend happy is to spend time with him. Spend quality time with him. Don’t cling to him at all times, but every once or twice a week, be with him. Give him your utmost attention and just be with him. Put your phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. aside. These things can wait. My boyfriend and I keep weekend to ourselves. We don’t have the privilege of meeting each other so from Friday night till Sunday night, we text each other and be on the phone nonstop. This is our way of spending time together, and trust me, if we even miss one session, he stays in a bad mood for days!

3. Be flirtatious and intimate.
Men love challenges and surprises. Surprise him every once in a while by flirting with him. Hit on him like you have randomly come across him and you have a crush on him. Similarly, surprise him with unexpected intimacy. Go kiss him and hug him when he least expect it. A little of public display of affection will be like a cherry on the top.

4. Have his kind of fun.
Boys are girls can have very different definitions of fun. While you enjoy your girly stuff, he is much more into sports, gaming etc. Most girls run miles away from these things, but every once in a while, join him on these activities of his. The best possible thing that you can do to make your boyfriend happy is learn his favourite game or understand the sport he likes a lot. Watch how his eyes light up when he explains to you these things that he is so passionate about.

5. Stay loyal.
Loyalty will always keep your boyfriend happy. In the era of high breakup and divorce rates, you need to remember that maintaining your relationship is very important. There are a lot of other boys who will find you attractive, and they will try their best to get your attention. No matter how good looking or intelligent the guy is, you need to remember that you have someone who loves you very much. Most people think that as long as they don’t have sex with anyone else, they are not cheating on you. Any extra interaction with a person that gives them a wrong hint will be you cheating on your boyfriend. So stay loyal and keep him happy.