See Here: 5 Signs Your Partner is Still Stuck in His Past


1. He talks about her all the time.
This is the biggest sign that your partner is still stuck in his past. He just cannot stop talking about her. Every little thing reminds him of her. He has to recall how she used to behave in a certain way at a certain situation. He needs to realize that while he is with you, he has to be in love with you. Being a rebound is humiliating. Being with someone who is still in love with someone else is degrading.

2. He still reads old conversations.
When you are over someone, you get rid of all the previous texts, emails and conversations. You obviously don’t have anything left to do with them anymore. However, if your partner still has them and you often find him reading them over and over again, it means that he still has feelings for her and he still stuck in his past. There is no point in reading those conversations again when you are over the person. It just brings back the memories.

3. He rushes to help her.
Your partner is still stuck in his past if he rushes to help their ex. They just always have to be there for them. Sometimes, a breakup really messes up a Person, and it becomes a necessity to occasionally talk to your ex every now and then. However, this does not mean that you keep constant contact and try to be there for them at all times. He should be there for you all the time, because if he still hasn’t distanced himself from his ex, there is something.

4. He still has her stuff.
Your partner is still stuck in his past if he hasn’t wasted the gifts that were given to him by her. Gifts and items that were a memory are always special to a couple, and if you still keep them, it means that you are not ready to let go of the memory. I always emphasize that when you are trying to move on, the first thing you should do is to throw away anything that reminds you of them. If someone has still not done it, it means they still have feelings for their ex.

5. They still stalk them.
Your partner is still stuck in his past if he constantly stalks his ex’s profile. It is only natural to feel curious about a certain person’s whereabouts. Obviously, when you have been with someone, a part of you still cares about them. (It is necessary that it’s only a part that cares, otherwise you’re still not over your ex!) So it is natural that you go through their Facebook profile once in awhile. However, if your partner keeps checking their ex’s profile and then, it means there are still feelings for them somewhere deep down in his heart.