See Here: 5 Signs Your Partner Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself


1. They can see your tears even when you are hiding them really well.
When your partner knows you better than you know yourself, you can never hide anything from them. This always amazes me. Whenever I cry, my partner figures out that I had been crying. If I go and tell him that I was crying a while ago, he always tells me that he knows when I cry and when I don’t. I just never understand how he does it, but he always knows, which makes me love him even more.

2. They motivate you.
When your partner knows you better than you know yourself, they motivate you to be your best. This is because they know the extent to which you can work hard and achieve new things. You will not have to tell them your capabilities because they have already read them off you. So if you suddenly find them pushing you to be your best, understand that they are doing so because they know that you have the potential to be better. They know how important your goals are to you so they insist on achieving them. This may seem annoying at times, but at one point in time, you will thank them for all the effort!

3. You can rely on them.
When your partner knows you better, they understand when you need someone by your side. They never leave you alone. Whenever you need someone by your side, they always rush to you. They do not care if they are in the middle of something, or they have somewhere to be. All they know at that moment is that you need them so they have to be with you. No matter how busy they get, their number one priority is always you, and nothing else!

4. They understand when you’re bored.
You will hardly have to go to them and tell them that you are bored. It is like they can always read your mind. They will read your face and understand that you are bored and you want some entertainment. Whenever my partner and I are sitting together and I am bored, he just looks at me and then texts me excuse myself. Once I leave, he joins me a few minutes later and then we just hang around. I just never have to tell him anything. It’s nice when he knows you better than you know yourself.

5. They understand when you’re down.
Your partner definitely knows you better if they understand that you are upset, even when you haven’t told them. They do not have to meet you or hear your voice. They can even figure out from a message that there is something wrong with you. When they know that something is wrong with you, they will come to you by themselves and try to make you feel better. Sometimes, they will do it so silently that you will soon begin to feel good, without even realizing that they were trying to help.