See Here: 6 little things that show how crazy he is for you


1. He calls you for help whenever he is need
Seldom do men acquire for help. It is not very often that they will explicitly tell you that they want you to help them. If he calls you home when he is sick, or asks you to look after his place for a few hours when he is away, then there cannot be clearer signs, my friend! He will never leave his possessions under your custody, until he completely trusts you and is crazy for you. Look around! The signs are crystal clear!

2. He makes you jealous with other girls
This is one of the biggest signs of his fondness for you. Men know how jealous women can be. If he keeps telling you how the girl next door called him cute, or how this lady at worked asked him out for dinner, then this is it! He wants you to react. He wants you to label him as ‘mine’. Do not think that he is cheating on you. He just loves you to the core. He is trying to express his madness for you. Remember, he will never be vocal about it!

3. He is interested in knowing about your family
A guy will never show keen interest in your family and friends, until he is completely in love with you and is planning something serious. So, if he is all ears to your stories, and often questions about them, then he is all into you. He will try his best to impress them and to make them like him. Take signs. He will never strive for their attention, until and unless, he is completely crazy for you.

4. He stays awake to watch you sleep
Well, this is the most adorable thing ever! If he loves to watch you in peace, when you are sound asleep then he is in love; in love with you. If you have caught him staring at you, or touching your face, when you are sleeping, then he is completely addicted to you. He is crazy for you, girl!

5. He is playful with you
Does he play with your hair when you are with him? Does he smell them? Does he tease you? Joke around you? If yes, then my friend, you have found someone who is mad about you. He surely is a keeper and is ever willing to do anything for you. Do not let him go!

6. He loves the nicknames you give him
If he loves the cute nicknames you give him, then he is the man! When you love someone, you usually have a loving sweet nickname for them; a nickname only you use. If he likes you calling him ‘love’ ‘baby’ ‘candy’ ‘my world’ and does the same, then he surely is crazy for you. Love him. Keep him. Caress him. He is the one for you.