See Here: 6 Reasons Why a Woman Wants To Get Married

They don’t live in their own bubble but they think a lot about situations and make decisions. Here are a few reasons why women want to get married:

1. She wants kids.
Women want to get married because they want children. There are a very few women in the world who do not want children. Women are naturally good at being mothers. They are naturally made to care and love others. As a result, their maternal instincts are very strong. A woman hardly finds it difficult to adjust to pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. This is probably why she wants to get married soon so she can have a family of her own. She wants to get settled so they can actually put her motherly role into play. If your girl wants to get married, don’t get mad at her for being too fast. Understand her point of view.

2. The charm of the wedding day.
No matter what culture or country you belong too, you must have witnessed a few wedding ceremonies in your life. Don’t be surprised to hear this but women want to get married because the wedding ceremony is a very charming affair. Getting to be on stage with someone, while wearing that beautiful dress with all eyes on you, you confirm your love to someone as they promise to spend every moment of your life with you, whether in sickness or in health. That means a lot to a woman.

3. The society pressurizes her.
Women want to get married because they are sick of the pressure the society keeps laying on them. From their neighbour to their aunt, everyone lectures her over the perks of getting married. Everyone keeps reminding her how she should not stay single for long or how singlehood is nothing as compared to mar. She is so tired of all this that she really wants to get married now.

4. Her parents want her married.
Women want to get married because their parents want them to get married. You cannot really know this feeling unless you are a woman. From the moment we turn 20, our parents start asking us about what our plans are. They start asking us if we have someone in mind and they start naming all the cousins who are getting married to us. So we get to juggle those questions a lot and a part of us gets so sick of them that we secretly wish we get married too.

5. Emotional strength.
Women want to get married because they want emotional strength from the man they love. Having someone to cater to your emotional needs is a blessing. They might be extremely self-dependent but if they have someone to wipe away their tears and be there for them at all times they feel more secure. Yes a boyfriend gives all of this as well, but with a husband, the situation is extremely different.

6. The prospect is exciting.
Women want to get married because it has been a childhood dream of hers. The idea of marriage has always been something that she thought about. When she was going through all those fairy tales as a little girl and she was reading about how Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc. eventually got their married to their prince charming, she somewhere wished for hers too. So if she is going all crazy daydreaming about it, don’t push her or make fun of her.