See Here: 6 Reasons Why You Should Get Married


1. A legal binding to your love.
They say love alone is sufficient for everything in the world but getting married to the love of your life is the final cherry on top in every relationship. You both realize that you value and understand each other the most, and you’re closer than ever. Getting married will legally and spiritually bind you together. Saying your vows on the day will make you realize that you have perhaps been blessed with the most precious thing in life and this binding is ensuring of the fact that you will both be together for a very long time.

Yet, remember that experiences are different for people. Just like not everyone gets back love in return, some marriages don’t always work out. If you are planning on taking a decision this big in your life, sit with them, analyse your lives and plan the future. Once you understand what you both want from your lives, everything will make sense.

2. Having children.
The feeling that you have a family and that you belong to it is a very beautiful one. Ever asked your parents how they felt when they first held you? If you haven’t then do it right now. The feeling of holding something very small and fragile that is completely dependent on you has no parallel. To have your own baby boy or girl in life, to have someone to raise, to have a mission in life – getting married brings you to all of this.

3. You will have that ONE special person.
Getting married means that you will have a special person in your life. Having someone to share your fears, dreams, hopes and desires with is a feeling that has no match. You get to learn from them, you get to fight with them, and above all you get to love them. And once you receive love in return, you will realize that you were literally missing this blessing in your life. You will have a reason to thank God, every single day!

4. Having someone to grow old with.
As much as we like to act self-sufficient and happy-on-our-own, the truth always is that nobody wants to be alone. As you grow up, there comes a stage where you begin to realize that life will become easier once you have someone to share it with. As your hair lose their natural color, you begin to see life differently and you don’t want to do it on your own anymore. Getting married with the right person will get you someone who will never leave you alone.

5. Enough fooling around.
Marriages are a sign of the time when you’ve grown up and matured. You have had your fair share of relationships and you have had your fun. It is time to be a part of something that is far more real, more magical and mature. It will not be about spending a night together and disappearing – it will rather be about spending a lifetime with someone who will always be there.

6. We understand the meaning of true love.
Man was made as a social animal so living alone is out of question for most of us. We tend to get into relationships: we find our wrong ones and sometime be the wrong ones to others – yet you don’t really get mesmerized enough to considering spending a lifetime with them. When you experience true love, you feel yourself craving for the other person and you can dream all day about getting married to them. No there person made you feel this way because that wasn’t true love.