See Here: 6 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Enough


1. He treats other women better than he treats you.
He doesn’t love you enough when he treats other women better than he treats you. You see that he is capable of loving and treating women better but you’re the only one who doesn’t get enough attention from him. It is not like he is evil to women but he does not value you the way he should.

Don’t be where you are just tolerated. Be where someone values you and where someone feels like they are lucky to have you.

2. He doesn’t appreciate you enough.
When you compare him with your friends, and they praise you more than him, then he doesn’t love you enough. He will never compliment you. When you are in a relationship, you become big fans of each other. Ask me about my person and I can write books on them because all their imperfections and perfections seem priceless to me. Yet if they cannot be like that for you, do they even love you enough?

3. He doesn’t encourage you.
He does not love you enough when he doesn’t encourage you. When you have a boyfriend, you know that you can have your emotional breakdowns in front of them because they will gather all your pieces and make you feel good. However, with this guy, he wouldn’t be there to support you in any form. You can’t count on him if you have left you wallet at home and you suddenly need cash. You can’t count on him if you miss your dead grandmother and need a shoulder to cry on. He’s just never there!

4. He forgets important things about you.
He doesn’t love you enough when he keeps forgetting important things about you. You were stressed for a test or you had an important presentation, but he will conveniently forget them. If he loved you enough, he would make sure that he remembers and then he would wish you good luck and then ask you later about how it went. He will never be indifferent about you.

5. You think he doesn’t find you pretty.
He fails on doing the basic little things which show that he does not love you enough. When a guy really loves you, he will remind you every day that he finds you beautiful and that he thinks you are beautiful. However, this guy will never tell you that. He will hardly mention it to you because he just doesn’t care about you enough to go all gaga over you.

6. He Ignores you.
You feel like he does not love you enough because he ignores you when you call him or text him. He has his phone in his hand all the time and you see that he is addicted to his phone but every time you text him, he will not reply on time. He will take ages to reply and his replies will usually be brief. His replies would only be “yes” or “no” or a simple “okay”.