See Here: 6 Signs of a Manipulative Girlfriend


1. Pretend to get things done.
When your manipulative girlfriend wants you to do something, she will make you feel like the best person alive. She will begin to talk you into the thing early and then say extremely sweet things to you. She will not care about you or your emotions – when she wants something, she wants it! Nobody can stop her.

2. They get things emotionally.
Women tend to be very emotional. However, your manipulative girlfriend will use those emotions against you and force you into doing things that you do not even want to. They can miss your family dinners, but you cannot miss their family dinner, because what will everyone in their family think?! They have their tears ready at all times, and you cannot run away from any situation!

3. Everyone is wrong except them.
Your manipulative girlfriend will always keep the scene clear for her. She realizes that anyone might suggest that she is manipulative so she keeps these fixed ideas installed in your head about other people. She tries to present to you a world in which only she is perfect and everyone else is wrong, flawed and/or evil. Nobody should be allowed to tell you how your close friends or family are. You should be able to defend them – always!

4. You do not get off days.
There are times when people want change. Yes, you love your partner very much, but there are days when you want to hang out with your friends or be on your own. However, you are never allowed to do things on your own. If they want you at some place, they will make sure you are there, or you will find yourself sinking into an abyss of “you did this” “you did that” type complaints. Remember that a good partner understands that everyone needs space, so they let you be.

5. Asking for surety over and over again.
Your manipulative girlfriend will always want things to go her way. If you ever get the chance of taking a decision, or for a change if you decide to do something by yourself, she will ask you a million times if you’re sure you want to do this. This is her way to putting you into doubt, because she obviously wants you to change your decision, and do it her way. Do not fall for such traps. Either make up your mind, or control her.

6. Do this, but do whatever you like.
This is perhaps every manipulative person’s favourite thing. This is because it is the simplest thing that can be done. Your manipulative girlfriend will literally command you to do something, or to respond to something in a certain way. They will do so by exactly stating what they want, and then they will say, “oh but you should do whatever you like!” Obviously, when your partner says something, you try your level best to follow them so that you don’t disappoint them. Don’t fall for such traps. Do what you think is right, because it is not only your job to compromise!