See Here: 6 Signs You Are Falling In Love with your Girlfriend


1. They will seem perfect.
For a lot of people, falling in love with someone leads them to believing that the other person is the most perfect human being on earth. They will see no flaw in them. Everything about them will seem perfect. They will see them as a piece of art – someone who is an angel and who does everything right. They say people become delusional in love, but I like to think of it as something adorable. After all, this phase is the sweetest!

2. That person begins to dictate your moods.
For someone who is falling in love, their special person’s moods become an important factor. It suddenly becomes a priority. When they are extremely happy, you cannot just top smiling. Their smile and happiness means your smile and happiness too. However, when they are upset, you will feel don too and nothing will be able to cheer you up your feelings become a mirror to their feelings, and you try to stay as calm as possible so that they don’t see the influence so soon. You obviously don’t want to be freaked out.

3. You start taking care of yourself.
When you are falling in love, a lot of people begin to take care of themselves. From keeping the latest hairstyle to wearing the right clothes, your fashion sense improves out of nowhere. Your health becomes important too. You decide to shed those extra pounds and eat healthy because you want to look fresh in front of them. You don’t care if you’d have to work out more if that makes you appear nicer in front of them.

4. You tend to smile a lot.
For someone who is falling in love, smiling becomes a habit. You will find yourself smiling at some random person on the bus. You will find yourself smiling while brushing your teeth in the morning. You might even end up smiling during work or at your boss for no reason at all. It is almost like smiling has become a hobby yours. That person on your mind is just keeping you so happy that you cannot stop smiling.

5. Someone is running in your head.
When you are falling in love with someone, that person begins to occupy a large part of your thoughts. You end up spending long hours day dreaming about them. They are the first person on your mind when you wake up and they stay there till you sleep. You figure out random details about them while constantly thinking about them. I remember becoming obsessed with my boyfriend, and he jokingly calls me a freak at times. When that one person suddenly begins to mean so much more, it is only natural to spend hours thinking about them.

6. Those songs make sense.
When I was single, I remember listening to lovey dovey songs and thinking what kind of people listen to these things. However, when someone is falling in love, all those songs begin to make sense. You begin to understand why the person is saying that certain something and at times, you begin to relate as well. Those sings which were once lame, cheesy and stupid are now interesting, adorable and true. You’re totally falling in love!