See Here: 6 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Just Not into You Anymore

Sometimes, in relationships, things do not go south. There are no fights or arguments which will make you reconsider your relationship. Sometimes there are little signs that you may want to pick up on to realize where your relationship is really going. Here are some of the signs that will make you understand whether or not your boyfriend is as invested in the relationship as you. Check them out.

His needs matter the most

It’s all about him now. What you want and desire is no longer a topic of interest for him. If you notice him wanting to hang out and be with you ONLY as per his whims and fancies then you know it’s time to call it quits.

The secret life

Do you want to share your relationship status with the world but he’s not “yet” comfortable with it? If this is the case then he’s really not serious about you and sees no future with you.

Chats don’t make sense any more

You can longer have sensible and serious conversations with him. All you get in return are ‘hmms’ and ‘whatevers’. If this has been going on for a long time then may be its time to realize that it’s probably not his bad mood and he’s not interested in really having conversations with you.

Communication gap

Sometimes couples have things to talk about, and even when they do they are often unable to put the point across. This may lead to fights or arguments or may be a total “don’t care attitude” might take over the situation. In this case you may be existing together but not really living together.

The “ex” comes up a lot

Well you know what that means. If the ex is mentioned in most conversations then you know you don’t excite him anymore and he is looking for the spark that he had with the ex.

Priorities change

If he’d rather spend time with his friends than you and he cancels on most of your plans then its definitely time to walk out.