See Here: 6 Habits a Woman Notices in a Guy before Considering Him


1. His humour.
A woman notices a man’s humour. She always does! Women love funny guys so they tend to fall a lot for funny guys. They like someone who is original, friendly and can make her laugh. She knows that such a person will always lift her mood up, even when she is very down.

2. His way of treating other people.
A woman notices the way a man treats other people. This is because this exactly reveals the kind of person that he is. She will notice his treatment of his superiors and his inferiors. If a man respects other people irrespective of their post or position, it reveals that they are a good person. On the other hand, a man who does not have basic manners will be rude/mean to his inferiors because he thinks he has a right over them!

3. His dressing.
A woman notices the way a man dresses up. The way you dress up reveals a lot about your personality and your life. If you are always causal, then she will assume that you have no sense of professionalism, and you are not very serious about your life. If you are always suited and booted, you might impress her by showing how much of a professional are you. I may also mean that you are always a little too focussed on work. She will notice how you dress up on which occasion. His dressing reveals a lot about him, and this is what a woman notices.

4. His personality.
A woman notices a man’s personality too. She notices how he blends in with people. She notices how he talks and the kind of things he talks about. She tries to find similarities between her thoughts and his thoughts. A woman is more likely to fall for a guy who is strong and loud on his opinions. Women like men who can give a stance and then stay on it. If they keep switching from one stance to another due to peer pressure, or just general pressure, he is more likely to win her heart.

5. His physique.
It is very true that a woman notices a man’s physique when she first looks at him. Some women really appreciate bulky men who have properly toned bodies with biceps and triceps. They love their look, and the strength is always attractive. They like how men maintain themselves properly. However, this is something that has a difference of opinion. A lot of women do not care about well he is physically. Things like muscles, abs and toned bodies do not attract them. They do not fall for physique.

6. His confidence.
First of all, a woman notices a man’s confidence. She sees his ability to carry himself. She sees how he takes care of himself, and how he behaves around other people. She notices his confidence because women like to be around a man who is strong. She wants to be around someone who can take care of her and protect her. Therefore, confidence catches her eye before anything else does.