See Here: 6 Things You Must Not Expect From Your Partner

1. Do not expect them to do same things in return.
You must not expect that your partner will do things that you do for them in return. They have their ways of doing things. If you’re only being very kind to them while expecting them to do the same in return then there is no point of your goodness. They will have their own ways of compensating for your actions and do not expect them to do the exact same things that you did. The good from us should not come from us if we are just doing it for the sake of a reward be a better person.

2. Do not expect them to solve your problems.
It is extremely nice to have a partner. They are a constant support and they are there for you at all times. However, you must not expect them to magically bring solutions to all your problems. They don’t always have the solutions. You should always look out for yourself when you are in a problem. Try to solve it on your own and be your own person first. Do not give anyone else your mess to clear.

3. Do not expect them to be a mind reader.
With the passage of time, understanding begins to grow between two people. They learn more about one another and accustom each other to new ways. However, with this, people begin to expect that their partner is now capable of reading their mind. They become less communicative and less expressive. You must not expect that your partner is a psychic and that they can read your mind. They are only human like you, me and the rest of us.

4. Do not expect that your thoughts will be similar.
As we grow up, circumstances shape us into the person that we eventually become. No matter how similar your brought-up has been, you two will always have a difference of opinion. If the two of you agree on food and movies, there is a possibility that you could disagree on the most pointless of things. It is rather irrational, so you must not expect your partner to agree with all the opinions you give.

5. Do not expect perfection.
Human beings will always be prone to error. No matter how much we perfect ourselves and no matter how much caution we take, we will always make a few mistakes. Similarly, your partner is not perfect so you must not expect that they would never make mistakes. They can make mistakes and they will probably make mistakes. Control your anger in such instances and remember that you’re both equally prone to mistakes.

6. Do not expect them to follow orders.
Everyone has their own way of doing things and you must not expect them to do things your way. You must realize that every individual is their own person so you cannot impose things on them. Don’t force them to walk like how you think is right or to dress up in your ways. Let them be and respect their individuality. They are your partner but not your slave. Don’t treat them like one.