See Here: 6 Things your Girl Wants from you


1. Do not let the love dry out
Relationships are not easy to handle. As the relationship approaches the age of maturity, love starts to fade away. The charm dries out and soon the level of interest, you have for your partner, falls. This is the most crucial time of your bond. Handle it safely! Give her surprise presents. Arrange romantic candle light dinners. Make her realize, that her boyfriend is making an effort, to keep the relationship going. Do not forget to tell her every day, how much you love her. Talk her to sleep. Love her, such that she proudly accepts you as ‘The Perfect One’.

2. Pay heed to whatever she has to say
Girls go through mood swings around the year and that is the time they want to be heard. They need to rant and want someone to hear them out. Make sure you are that someone! Be all ears, to whatever your girl has to say. Pay attention to her. Do not make her feel unwanted. Appreciate her when she dresses up for you. Compliment her when she cooks your favorite food. Make her feel valued.

3. Do not hide anything from her
We girls know, that you people are not expressive, but believe me, nothing makes us happier than our partners sharing their life secrets with us. Those conversations at 3 a.m., are probably the ones we wait for all day. Make sure, your girl knows everything about you. Do not hide anything from her. Share your personal life with her. Make her believe, that you trust her with your life.

4. Support her stance and decisions
Your girl is dreaming big. Make sure you do not shatter her dreams in order to fulfill your own needs and requirements. Support her aims and decisions. Sometimes all she requires from you is a smile of affirmation; affirmation that you are ready to be with her, through all thick and thins. Help her reach her goals, and she will hold onto you forever!

5. Care for her
Are you there for her when she needs you? Are you there to fulfill her midnight food cravings? Are you there for her when she wishes to watch her favorite movie star in the theatre? If no is the answer to these questions, then my friend you are in deep trouble. You are actually not taking care of your girl. These little things matter a lot. Make her feel loved and protected. Care for her. Do not wait!

6. Loyalty and commitment
DO NOT FLIRT WITH OTHER WOMEN! Get this through your head. A girl expects loyalty and complete devotion from your side. Make sure you make her feel, as if she is the only girl in the world. Trust me, a girl desires faithfulness more than anything else. She would not stay with you long, if you keep on interacting with other girls; girls she does not want you to be with. Girls are over-possessive in nature. Don’t test her patience!