See Here: 6 ways to maintain your partner’s interest in you


1. Let them know of their worth
Do not miss even a single opportunity to make them feel special. Cook their favorite food, wear their favorite dress. Show them the effort you are putting, to keep the relationship going. Let your partner know, of how much you mean to them. You should know what your partner wants from you, and make sure you fulfill their needs. Be all ears when they are speaking. If they like a particular television show, watch it with them. This will make your partner realize their worth, in your life.

2. Lesser fights and arguments
Fights and arguments are usually the major causes, of a breakdown of a relationship. With relationships, come sacrifices and compromises. Do not fight and argue with them unnecessarily. If all they receive from the relationship, are heated disputes and quarrels, then they might leave you in no time. Who wants to stay with someone, who are not willing to compromise? Avoid disagreements. Keep them happy. Ensure, that even if they spend a few seconds with you, they cherish this time all day.

3. Stand with them when they need you
There come times, when all you need is someone to back you. They have recently been in through a business loss, or their close relative has passed away, STAY WITH THEM! Hug them when needed, hold their hand and tell them you are with them, no matter what. This will eradicate all insecurities and will ensure your love stays healthy for a long time.

4. Look attractive
They say, the eyes control the mind and the heart, the most. It is tough to look away from something amazingly attractive. Likewise, if you want your partner to stay committed with you, look presentable and attractive, when with them. Make sure, you catch your partner’s eyes, when you enter the room. This is will keep up the physical attraction, they have for you.

5. Keep telling them how much you love them
This works. EACH AND EVERYTIME! Letting your partner know of your love, will surely keep them engrossed in you. It will keep them assured that they mean a lot to you, and the relationship is worth the time. If you don’t, your partner will soon lose interest in you. Do it, so that you do not have to repent later.

6. Stay in contact all the time
No matter what situation arises, or how busy you both are, do not lose contact with your partner. Tight packed schedules, and no time for each other can lead to a slow death for a relationship. There is no harm in calling your partner once in a while, and asking them of their day. But yes, make sure you don’t bother them with over-frequent calls. This will annoy them.