See Here: 7 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks You Need To Know


1. Peppermint will plump up your lips
There are many lip balms out there promising to plump up your lips, but we've all seen the horrific images of what can go wrong after using them! Luckily, there is a natural solution that works - without the risk of a visit to the emergency room. Simply add some peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss, and prepare to pucker.

2. Apply foundation before concealer
I know, weird right? But it makes sense. Why wouldn't you cover those blemishes and redness before adding a bit more coverage? Adding your concealer first means layering on a lot more before applying foundation. This means that not only are you wasting makeup, you're also left with cakey-looking skin.

3. A little fire will put your lipstick back together
That's right! If you took out your lipstick and had a wild night (been there), you may not be the only one going home a little less "put together." By melting the bottom of your lipstick and placing it back in the tube, it will stick back to its base! But, like, you careful. It's fire.

4. Restore your gel eyeliners with eye drops
Extend the life of your favorite gel liner by adding two or three eye drops. Mix it around and, voilĂ ! You're ready for a night out - no need to panic. If you think that's helpful, your mind will explode over hack #5.

5. Find your natural brow
That brush is good for more than just filling in your brows. It will help you discover your TRUE arch! First, align the brush against the bottom tip of your nose: that's where the brow should start. Next, line one end of the brush against the tip of your nose, and the other across your pupil: that's your arch. Finally, place the bottom of your brush at the bottom of your nose, and the top at the corner of your eye: that's where your brow ends! Genius, I know. Now you won't look confused all of the time!

6. Lock in your lipstick with translucent powder
Ever wonder how those runway models and actresses at the Emmys keep their lipstick bright all night? It's not from lack of drinking, that's for sure. By placing a tissue over your lips after applying lipstick and dusting it with some translucent powder, you can keep your color going all day long! We're onto you, Gwen Stefani.

7. Apply foundation at the center, and work outwards
For the life of me I couldn't figure out this whole contouring thing. But I think I've got it now. When applying foundation in the morning, make sure you add a lot to the center of your face. From there, blend outwards. By fading out the edges, you'll have a more natural look and it won't look like you're wearing a mask. You're welcome.