See Here: 7 Signs Your Boyfriend is a Keeper

1. He can encourage you to do anything.
He is a keeper when you know that he has the ability to encourage you to climb the highest mountains and reach the farthest seas. He sees the potential in you. He sees how much you can do with a little effort and he makes sure you do it because he wants to see you successful in life. Your happiness means his happiness.

2. You know his fears and aims.
Boys do not open up easily. They tend to be secretive when it comes to talking about themselves. You can tell them everything about yourself and they will tell you nothing until they are absolutely comfortable with you. I know my guy values me when I know all the little things in life that scare him. He is a keeper if he shared his fears and hopes with you. He knows he has to make you stay. You should do the same.

3. You can whine without being judged.
Women are known for whining and complaining, but we know that we just don’t do it in front of everyone. We know that everyone is not worth the trouble. You know he is a keeper when you can rant in front of him without even thinking for a minute. You know that no matter how upset or annoyed you are, he will set things right for you. He won’t run away or judge you. He will stay.

4. He wants to know if you are safe.
He is a keeper if your safety and well-being matters a lot to him. He is always worrying if you have reached home safely or if your bus arrived on time. He cannot accept the idea of losing you or leaving you so if something happens to anyone else, he will spend hours just looking at you and appreciating you for existing.

5. Your mom knows you love him.
As girls, we tend to share stuff with our mothers a lot. Even if we tell them nothing, they have a rough list of all the crushes we have had all our lives. Yet, when he is a keeper, your subconscious realizes it and you automatically end up sharing everything with your mom. You think he is important enough for your family to know that he is the love of your life.

6. Things remind him of you.
You once told him that you love the red and black combination in clothes, and while walking across the market, he spotted a red and black dress. He is a keeper if he sends you a picture of it telling you how it reminded him of you. Everything you tell him just doesn’t stay in his head – he knows how to show that he values you.

7. He remembers all your stories.
You know he is a keeper when he doesn’t forget things that you tell him. Women tend to rant a lot so we always have things to talk about. We want to discuss our friend’s wedding dress and we want to discuss where we want to live in the future. Yet if he truly values you, every word you utter will be very important to him and he will not forget anything.